Select Super Green.

Select Super Green.

The next-generation organic products born from a new idea.

Generally, organic products are high quality and expensive.
In that context, a new idea was born to overturn such conventional wisdom: Super Green.
“To provide the highest quality at a reasonable price."
Mamma Baby’s organic products born from the simple idea are now creating a new trend in Europe.

By skipping organic certifications,
Mamma Baby can provide reasonable products for every customer.

Organic certifications require considerable expense of farmers and makers,
so that conventional organic products have been expensive and burdensome to consumers.
In other words, good organic products cannot reach customers to whom we really want to deliver our products.
We feel sad about this circumstance. Without sticking to a simple mark of such certification,
we decided to provide good products made from higher-quality ingredients at reasonable prices to customers.
This is the philosophy of Mamma Baby that we value most.
By skipping organic certifications, Mamma Baby can provide reasonable products for every customer.

Thoroughly stick to organic farming.

To stick to products is to stick to fields.
Mamma Baby's products are made mainly from plant-derived ingredients grown by our reliable partner farmers around the world,
who thoroughly stick to organic farming including good soil, water, and fertilizer.
Plants grown with great care produce high-energy, high-quality ingredients.
Our confidence in the quality of ingredients allows us to continue to manufacture our high-quality products without relying on organic certifications.

The idea of “not impairing body functions that people naturally have.”

The surface of the skin naturally has a barrier function to protect itself from foreign matter and dryness.
Sweat and sebum play the roles of skin toner and milky lotion, respectively.
Hair can retain nutrition and moisture in itself.
Mamma Baby’s products are designed for newborns, whose body functions are developing rapidly.
The products will support the functions that people naturally have to work normally without impairing them.