• UV PROTECTION MILK SPF50UV protection milk
    SPF50+ PA++++

    Organic, yet provides SPF 50+ PA++++ —
    Full UV protection from babyhood
    Distinguished by its ice cream cone symbol, this UV protection milk is named Albertino. This milk is a powerful ally in the seasons when sunlight is strong, especially in summer when the ultraviolet volume peaks.
    Contains jojoba oil,1 almond oil,2 argan oil,3 witch hazel,4 and chamomile.5
    Utilizing the power of organically cultivated plants, Albertino firmly blocks ultraviolet rays, gently and lastingly protecting delicate skin while moisturizing lavishly.

    ※1 Jojoba seed oil (moisturizer);
    ※2 Almond oil (moisturizer);
    ※3 Argania spinosa kernel oil (moisturizer);
    ※4 Chamomilla recutita flower extract (moisturizer);
    ※5 Witch hazel leaf extract (moisturizer)

    • S-Green 75 mL
    • 1,800
    ● Does not contain ultraviolet absorbers. (Nonchemical*) ● Patch-tested for sensitive skin.* ● Does not contain nanoparticles. (Non-nano) ● Not tested on animals. (Cruelty-free) *Some users may experience skin problems or allergic reactions.
  • Albertino

    Albertino’s forte is protecting baby’s skin while moisturizing. It is symbolized by the ultimate reward on a hot summer day—everyone’s favorite, ice cream!