• SPECIAL KITSpecial kit

    ― 贈ろう、SUPER GREEN。 ―
    • S-Green 100 mL x 4
    • 2,500
  • Margherita

    The red heart symbolizing Margherita shows the affection of mom and dad who wash their hands before touching the baby. Margherita supports them in having happy times with their baby.
  • Pasqualino

    Seeing Pasqualino swimming in the bottle, a baby who does not like taking a bath can get into a good mood.
  • Giacomino

    The fragrance of the shampoo wraps babies gently before bedtime like a teddy bear hug. The shampoo can lead adult’s hair to become natural.
  • Guendalina

    Massaging can create a gentle interaction with your baby. Mom and dad also smile naturally. The symbol of Guendarina is a ball that babies like.