• OUTDOOR BODY SPRAYOutdoor Body Spray

    Wrapping the body in a veil of essential oils,
    enjoy the outdoors wholeheartedly!
    Lavish quantities of pure essential oils—lavender oil,* tea tree leaf oil,*Litsea cubeba fruit oil,* and lemon peel oil*—gently wrap the body in a veil of refreshing scents, protecting baby from irritants. Named Zenino, this insect repellant is a trusty partner for outdoor summer activities.


    • S-Green 100 mL
    • 1,500
    ● Does not contain DEET. ● Metal allergy tested.* ● Not tested on animals. (Cruelty-free) *Some users may experience skin problems or allergic reactions.
  • Zenino

    The glossy green cactus (zenino) is adept at protecting itself from foreign enemies in its surroundings. Its prickly appearance is deceptive, concealing a kind-hearted and trusty ally to all.